FIDO Authentication Platform

World class passwordless authentication technology

Ciptor technology platform combines industry leading FIDO technologies and state of the art solutions as one single authentication platform. Our network of high level professionals is always available for our customer´s benefit.

We serve organisations and deliver FIDO based authtentication for many use scenarios like workstation and web application login, secure consumer web banking and transactions, remote workforce secure login etc.

FIDO certification - an industry standard

Fast Identity Online (FIDO) refers to a set of open authentication standards the enable a service provider to leverage existing technologies for passwordless authentication. FIDO standards such as FIDO2, Universal Authentication Framework (UAF), and Universal Second Factor (U2F) are developed by the FIDO Alliance, an industry consortium of technology leaders such as Apple, Google, HYPR, and Microsoft.

Workforce loves passwordless

Eliminate passwords and accelerate adoption of multifactor security with a consistent experience that delights your employees and customers. Our platform is Engineered to optimize and personalize Passwordless Authentication.

No more lost or stolen passwords and credencials. 81% of the cyber attacks are due to stolen credentials and 99,9% of those attacks can be blocked with FIDO certified  Multi-factor Authentication technologies.

digital security training and professional services

Even the best technologies will not create security unless they are not used. Security is not a just a product it is a process. Our customers adopt the best practices with our trainings and implementing our services and technologies.

Our portfolio includes also security and information collection techonologies also for special purposes.

Featured solution HYPR

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FIDO certified HYPR application

Free your enterprise from passwords and shared secrets. The HYPR Cloud Platform improves your security posture and enables business growth with multi-factor authentication (MFA) that’s truly passwordless.

FIDO CERTIFIED MFA security keys

Ciptor authentication platform combined with Feitian FIDO certified security keys,  FIDO certified Hypr mobile phone application and PhenixID auth server and MyApp enables FIDO sertified secure Single-Sign-On passwordless authentication to all organisation targetted applications and services. Next generation true passwordless MFA with FIDO certified tools.

Our experts have deployd several MFA projects to global organisations who choose increase their resilience in cyber security and achieve cost effiency authentication solution.  Learn more about FIDO certificated authentication >>

FIDO2 security keys with azure active directory

FIDO2 security keys with AzureAD to enable workforce passwordless login to Windows workstations and O365.

Watch more practical examples how to use FIDO2 from our Youtube channel >>

Fido2 security key with azure AD

FIDO2 security key login with Azure Active Directory account to O365 and other Microsoft services.

Watch more practical examples how to use FIDO2 from our Youtube channel >>

passwordless login to macbook with hypr mobile

Transform your Smartphone into a FIDO Token
User-initiated Authentication. The first and only mobile-initiated login experience. Secure workstations and defend against PUSH attacks while logging in 300% faster than password-based MFA.

Secure Workforce and Customer Experiences.
One platform. Any use case. Eliminate passwords and shared secrets across all lines of business.

Watch more practical examples how to use FIDO2 from our Youtube channel >>

Single-Sign-On (SSO) login with Hypr mobile

Ciptor platform enable multible of login methods for PhenixID SSO portal.

One passwordless login to enterprise resources.

Watch more practical examples how to use FIDO2 from our Youtube channel >>

Global FIDO expert

Our best of the best cutting edge FIDO  products on the markets is one thing…being part of the best professional FIDO community on the market for your benefit takes things to a whole ‘nutha level!
Years of expertice in Identity and access management business

Over 25 years in global Identity and Access Management business and national security organisations has created us capabilities and experience for your benefit. We hunt and track down the worst enemies in digital identity and authentication environment and protect your business operations with cutting edge operational capabilities and technologies. We protect and serve with great customer service attitude and tremendous track record in cyber security. The brightest minds in the business for your benefit.

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