Ciptor Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication

Eliminate those passwords!

81% of cyber security breaches are caused by credential thefts. Increase your cyber security with true passwordless technologies.

99,9 % of attacks can be blocked with FIDO certified Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) technologies.

Implementing true passwordless MFA is the easiest, most effective and cost efficient way to improve cyber security.

FIDO certified true passwordless MFA

The FIDO Alliance is an open industry association with a focused mission: authentication standards to help reduce the world’s over-reliance on passwords. Industry leading companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft among many others are contributing to FIDO certified open standard technologies.

This enables true passwordless authentication to be adopted in many techonlogy provider´s solutions. Problem still is that how to combine all needed techonologies in to one easy to use authentication service, which creates true passwordless and fluent user experience.

Learn from the video what is FIDO

FIDO certified authentication relys on Public Key Cryptography instead of shared secrets like legacy MFA.

Learn more how FIDO authentication flow works:

Ciptor passwordless MFA

Cipherpunks is official technology patner for Ciptor Zero Admin MFA solution. Ciptor solution combines multible technologies and creates the most secure and easy to start with authentication and identity platform. We deliver the solution as a service or full deployment under customer own IT management.

We create a identity and authentication service, which combines three different FIDO certified solutions:

1) Hypr mobile phone application (FIDO)

True passwordless FIDO certified Hypr application is the only authentication mobile phone application which is FIDO certified. This means the authentication happens against FIDO certified secure work flow with public key cryptography. Application provides secure biometric, facial or PIN based identification.

2) Feitian security keys (FIDO)

Feitian Security keys create another FIDO certified authentication user experience with multible ways to identify (biometric, NFC, Bluetooth, touch) with different kind of physical keys.

3) PhenixID identity provider service with MyApps platform

We connect these two FIDO certified easy to use authentication methods to secure authentication flow with PhenixID identity provider and MyApps platform. PhenixID offers open APIs like SAML, ADFS, Radius, Webfilter/ISAPI to many other services and applications. Over 140 applications and services already integrated and custom integrations are included.

The end result is fast and the most secure authentication to all applications and services the organisation has in use. This can be for example Microsoft Office, AWS, Google etc other applications the organistion has in use. One passwordless login to all organisation applications and  services.

Requirements for cyber security from authorities

European Union GDPR and NIS directive are stating that organisations need to use strong authentication technologies against typical cyber attacks like data breaches, phising, fraud and phising. Our authentication solution is also PSD2 compliant and used in many finance industry companies.

According to FIDO Alliance GDPR requlates organisations:

  • "Need to implement MFA as part of their approach in order to be compliant with the requirements of data protection under GDPR

  • Organizations need to authenticate individuals who are providing consent to their sensitive data being captured or are asking for their data to be erased, corrected, or transmitted to another party.

  • For organizations using biometrics as part of their authentication solution, they must ensure that the biometrics application does not run afoul of GDPR.”

Learn more from GDPR and MFA (pdf) >>

Europen Union NIS Directive and PSD2 directive

NIS directive defines that enterprices and organisations working in critical infrastructure areas need to use even more advanced technologies to enable secure authentication flows. Critical infrastructure areas are: Digital service providers, Energy, Health, Transport, Banking, Digital infrastructure, Financial market infrastructures and Drinking water supply and distribution.

Our FIDO based authentication technology platform is also fully PSD2 compliant for FinTech.

Read more about PSD2 compliancy >>

Learn more about NIS directive >>

Our solution vs. legacy MFA authentication technologies

Ciptor solution combines different technologies for you benefit. This means maximal security combined with ease of use. 

Why FIDO certified MFA is better than legacy MFA? One major issue is that legacy MFA relys on passwords, which are shared secrets. Also second phase authentication technologies like SMS, pin code lists are vulnerable for side channel attacks like SIM swapping attacks and SS7 vulnerabilities etc.

Every data base which includes shared secrets or passwords is potential target to cyber threats.

Phone numbers and SMSes are vulnerable to eavesdropping and SIM swap attacks and pin code lists are shared secrets. True security can be achieved only via cryptography, which is a fundamental difference. And storing the private encryption key is another. This is where FIDO alliance is  taking really high standards for devices and applications storing private keys. Public key cryptography makes offensive actions impossible since private key is practically impossible to steal from end user devices.

Using FIDO sertified techonologies means also cost efficiency. Implementing Ciptor real passwordless MFA means less admin resources, SMS costs, pin code lists etc. 

Better security and lightning fast usability with lower costs for any organisation - that is true passwordless FIDO authentication. Save money, save time and increase security!


Pricing starting
from 29€ user/year

Application examples

Hypr, Feitian and PhenixID driven auth platform suites for many purposes where unsecure passwords are a major cyber security risk:

  • login for workstations and servers locally and remote
  • login for VPN, RDP, SSH connections
  • login for web applications
  • Single-Sign-On to all enterprise applications with just press of a fingerprint of mobile phone or security key - without passwords in seconds

Integration available already to over 140 applications and services

Lightning fast passwordless Single-Sign-On experience to all enterprise applications.


Use cases

Our passwordless solutions are used in many environments:


Japanese global


Phoniro care is a secure access to eldery care employees to access customers’s home front door and passwordless login to the patient record data base with their mobile phone.

Intraphone offers workflow and data base services for home care organisations. Solution utilizes secure true passwordless login to all employees to the system.

Swedish municipalities:

More than 70% of the Swedish municipalities use Ciptor MFA authentication platform for employees and students.


Google has deployed 2017 passwordless to all their employees. Since that there is no reported credential thefts. Google is using Feitian manufacured security keys.

Microsoft and Feitian:

Microsoft and Feitian are strategic partners in FIDO alliance passwordless technologies.  Ciptor is official partner of Feitian and Microsoft in US.


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Get ready for the best and easiest cyber security leap your organisation can take. We will take care of all integration, no huge implementation hassle and project costs.

True passwordless FIDO solution is available as a service or on-premise solution. No installation fees - lightning fast and easy passwordless SSO experience to all organisation's applications with low cost.

The simpliest and most efficient cyber security update your organisation can do - kill the password.

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