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World class technology partners

Cipherpunks partners with industry leading technology companies providing state of the art security solutions to our customers. Our network of high level professionals is always available for our customer´s benefit. We constantly monitor the market space and threat landscape for new solutions and security threats.

We serve also organisations with dark web intelligence solutions, like helping financial organistations to track down stolen credit card information and identities.

remote Digital forensics

Digital Forensics and Incident Responce (DFIR) for mobile phones, computers and servers enables  frequent forensics analysis for end points. Our offering covers for example remote forensics monitoring of all end points as 24/7 service and incident responce, without implementing major Security Operations Center solutions. We has addressed for example high level APT attacks done to our customer´s iPhones.

Read from how our experts discovered a new iPhone zero day vulnerability: (22 April 2020) >>

Full detailed report available here >>

Secure PASSWORDLESS authentication

Our solutions cover both proactive and reactive cyber security tools and consulting. We provide solutions for secure access management and authentication with two factor authentication FIDO certified security keys and HYPR mobile phone application for all common services like Google, Office365, Azure, MS Active Directory etc. No more lost or stolen passwords and credencials. 81% of the cyber attacks are due to stolen credentials and 99,9% of those attacks can be blocked with FIDO certified  Multi-factor Authentication technologies.

digital security training and professional services

Even the best technologies will not create security unless they are not used. Security is not a just a product it is a process. Our customers adopt the best practices with our trainings and implementing our services and technologies.

Our services cover also high level Tier-3 forensics findings for high and critical severity alerts to the relevant organisation’s stakeholders and Tier-4 analysis advisory recommendations.

Featured product

Zecops Particles is an automated technology which hunts and leverages attackers’ mistakes to discover the course of action and objectives of the entire campaign, burn threat actors’ exploits & persistence mechanisms, as well as increase attackers’ campaigns costs.

Zecops digital forensics platform enables 24/7 digital automated forensic monitoring for iPhones, iPads and Windows, MacOS, Linux computers and servers. With digital forensics technology detects all end point attacks much efficient that MDM or antivirus or network monitoring technologies.

forensics tech solutions
Automated Agentless forensic solution
0.99 €
per device

Products and Services

Zecops Particles

If you wonder has somebody breached you iPhone, laptop, server, ATM or other end point, our automated digital forensics solves your problem. Always somebody gets over your security perimeter and after that we take care of the problem. Save money and be more relaxed.

We increase the end point security to the next level with immediate remote forensics and insident responce. This means with automated Zecops forensic tools an organisation can identify APT threats and malwares in the end points, servers, iPhones...

We have discovered with Zecops Gluon globally several iPhone infiltration attacks where the target phones has been compromized with high level Tier-1 actor spyware. Read more about the solution...


MFA security keys and app for TRUE passwordless

Ciptor authentication platform combined with Feitian FIDO certified security keys,  FIDO certified Hypr mobile phone application and PhenixID auth server and MyApp enables FIDO sertified secure Single-Sign-On passwordless authentication to all organisation targetted applications and services. Next generation true passwordless MFA with FIDO certified tools.

81% of cyber security breaches are  caused by credential theft. Increase the cyber security with true passwordless technologies. 99,9 % of attacks can be blocked with FIDO certified Multi-factor Authentication technologies.  Our experts have deployd several MFA projects to global organisations who choose increase their resilience in cyber security and achieve cost effiency authentication solution.  Learn more about FIDO certificated authentication >>

Santor meeting room security

Cipherpunks is an authrized distributer for Santor Speech Protectors. Download and read more...



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Global Security

Our best of the best cutting edge security products on the markets is one thing…being part of the best professional community on the market for your benefit takes things to a whole ‘nutha level!
Years of expertice in business

Over 25 years in global security business and national security organisations has created us capabilities and experience for your benefit. We hunt and track down the worst enemies in digital space and protect your business operations with cutting edge operational capabilities and technologies. We protect and serve with great customer service attitude and tremendous track record in cyber security. The brightest minds in the business for your benefit.

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